About Us

It has been an honor & a privilege to continue our family heritage

Multi-Generational Entrepreneurship

Copper Rose Salon and Spa formally known as Copper Rose Salon and Barber Shop; it is part of a multi-generational entrepreneurship on both sides of our family. Our story means everything to us, and I am so excited to share it with you all!

A question I get a lot is: Where did the Copper Rose name come from? It all started in the 1950s. My Grandfather Severo Cordova owned The Copper Rose Bar and Candy Shop up in the mountainous region of Silver City, NM.

Meanwhile my husband’s uncle Jesus Montez (AKA Chuchey) started his business in 1958 as a talented Barber right here in the basin of Alamogordo NM. He eventually opened his own Shop known as Citizens Barber Shop located at 810 Puerto Rico Alamogordo NM, which would become the start and home of Copper Rose Salon & Barber Shop in April 2019.

We celebrated our 1-year anniversary at home due to the outbreak of Covid in 2020. I never would have thought after 3 years of our Grand Opening we would have outgrown our cute little shop in Puerto Rico.

Thank you all for making this girl’s dream possible through the support and love you all have given throughout the years and continue to do so. We are so excited to continue the Heritage and Passion of our beloved Severo and Jesus through Copper Rose Salon and Spa! In the Historic downtown Alamogordo NM.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

In our industry success in guaranteed by creative, productive professionals with the goal to provide 100% client satisfaction. Each person’s job in Copper Rose is essential to fulfilling our mission to provide distinctive quality and unequaled customer service everyday to more clients who trust and respect us. Our goal is to fulfill our Mission Statement of distinctive quality and unequaled customer service through hard work and commitment from each professional team member. It truly is the desire of Copper Rose that every team member will succeed in their career and in achieving their goals. Copper Rose recognizes and appreciates each person’s contribution to making this a great salon that attracts new clients and keeps loyal clients coming back.

Communication is Key

As a professional in this industry, we know that communication is a vital key to the success of this business. As salon owner, I believe that keeping communication channels open throughout the whole business assists everyone to perform their jobs accurately and efficiently. Our clients, our team, and our management, makeup the cornerstone of our business success and our business IS about people and relationships. We value our hard-working professionals at Copper Rose and understand that the motivation and performance of each person is a major factor in achieving success. We allow our team to exercise their skills and even market themselves effectively as an individual business within the walls of the salon, understanding that their name and job performance undeniably reflects on the Copper Rose name.